Olivia Devon

romance author

I write books. Some of them are naughty. Others are more well behaved.


An "ARC" is an Advance Review Copy of an upcoming new release. If you'd like to join my ARC Team please fill out the form below.

Team members are encouraged to:

  • Post their review to the ebook retailers of their choice on official release day (or at least within a few days of the release).
  • Post about the book to their social media accounts.
  • Email Olivia with links to their reviews. 

NOTE: Team members are also given advance notice of the limited time promo price for new releases ( 99¢ ). While you are not required to purchase the book, please note that Amazon gives preference to "Verified Reviews" and your review may not be seen unless it is verified (meaning you have purchased a copy).

PERKS: My ARC team gets special access to me. I take their feedback seriously and try to keep them up to date on what I'm working on. I hold giveaways for team members and send out signed surprise gift packs.

EMAILS: ARC team members receive a few more emails from me than those on my regular email list. You'll receive an email when the ARCs are available to download, a notice on release day and reminders to post your reviews. 



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